Tales from a 20-Something's Kitchen.

One girl's mission to take on Pinterest. And win. And eat some great food in the process.

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Now trust me. I know that these are not the prettiest looking things ever, but they actually tasted pretty good! The first batch anyway…

So, last night Gabs Emily Julia and M-K came over for girls night/drinking/baking, what have you. So first problem with these things came when our brown sugar was super granulated, we had to microwave it to soften them just to break all the chunks of brown sugar apart. This information will become important later.
So we finished this batch, got them in the oven, then went to go make the icing. And I realize we don’t have powdered sugar, the biggest ingredient to make the icing. We can’t go back out, we’d all been drinking, so I look up a recipe for icing that didn’t use powdered sugar, and found this long convoluted recipe using flour, milk, and all this other shit and you had to boil it at one point. So that took forever, and although it wasn’t exactly the right consistency, it was still pretty good! Gaby and I were really proud of ourselves.
And that’s where this picture came from. Not bad right?

Well. We still had a whole other batch to make. And by this point, Gabs and I were kind of tipsy, so it was slowly turning into my drunk kitchen. Remember those brown sugar clumps? So, apparently we microwaved the bowl so much, it was heating up every round of brown sugar even more, so, when we went to make this batch, the brown sugar got so hot actually crystallized and burned. (I ended up having to throw the bowl out, because it was all burned onto the bowl) We attempted to make the cinnamon rolls with crystallized/burned brown sugar and then Gaby dumped the rest of the icing on them, so much the plate looked like the cinnamon rolls were little islands in a lake of icing. Needless to say, those didn’t taste as good. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of those, because they were pretty funny looking…



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