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Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps

Or as my friends called them, yummy burrito things.

So we had a mini holiday cocktail party thing at our house the other night and I decided to be a good hostess and make some food haha and these were a hit.

Seriously though, I was so happy everyone liked them!

What makes it is this awesome rice and chicken mixture that is the basis for all of it. I will say, I did modify the recipe because I don’t like peppers, so I didn’t put those in, and no green onion, because of money. But I could’ve just ate that mixture with a spoon, which one of my roommates did.

The hard part was folding them up into the burrito shape, which the recipe site does not tell you how to do…thankfully, I have a Hispanic friend. I mean that in the least racist way possible haha. But he showed me how to do it and then ended up rolling the the rest of them himself. So yay!

Then the hardest part was pan searing all of them. I figured out this system where I would roll them over in the pan so that the loose end wouldn’t come apart. And once I got that going, it was pretty easy from there.
So, these were great, and I can’t wait to make them again!



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