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Beef Stroganoff with Cheesy Garlic Bread

Ok. So. Last night, I go up to my mom and say “hey I was going to make this garlic bread recipe tonight, does it go with what you were planning for dinner?” And she says “Well, I have one of those sauce packets for beef stroganoff, so why don’t you just make it?”

…I’ve never made actual dinner before. Mostly appetizers and desserts. If I ever had made an actual main dish, it was to go along with something else someone else made in case I screwed up.

And my mom just said go for it.

So I did.

So, the Garlic Bread was super easy, I ran out of garlic powder though, so it was a little more cheesy than garlicky (if that’s a word). But I would definitely make it again as a side dish

So, like I said earlier, the stroganoff was with one of those sauce packets where you boil the noodles, then make the beef, then add in water and packet and ta da. Well boiling noodles is easy, so that was done. But I’ve never really cooked meat before, the last time I made chicken, my roommate actually cooked it, I just cut it.

Anyway, basically by the time I was done cutting up the beef, it looked like a crime scene on my cutting board. Ew. But cooking it actually was ok, took less time than I thought, and once I added everything together, it actually worked.

And bonus, my family actually liked it! I asked my mom after dinner if she thought it would have turned out if she had asked me to do it at the beginning of last summer (when I started this whole project) and she said she probably wouldn’t even have asked me haha. So mission accomplished! I think I’m making dinner again tomorrow too 😀

Recipe (Garlic Bread):



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