Tales from a 20-Something's Kitchen.

One girl's mission to take on Pinterest. And win. And eat some great food in the process.

Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Bake

My roommates and I are trying this thing where we make real food on the weekends and see how long it can last us during the week. Basically, it’s an attempt at not eating ramen or chef boyardee all week/not eating out.

So, this is my contribution to that haha. I was super excited to make this because it’s the hardest main dish type thing that I’ve ever tried to make, and it sounded really good.

Making it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be though. I somehow managed to cook chicken, boil noodles, and start the sauce all at the same time, so that was fun.

Speaking of the sauce, it was the most interesting assortment of ingredients that I’ve ever put together. Alfredo sauce, sour cream, ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, parmesan cheese, and parsley. Yeah, I know, listed like that it doesn’t sound very good, but it actually is! My one roommate thought it was a little too cheesy, but I liked it, so that was a personal preference thing.

But yeah, overall, I really like this one. If I were to make it again, the only changes I would make is I would put more chicken in. The recipe calls for three cups, and you can’t really measure that when you’re buying that in a store…so I just went with a pound and a half, and it needed more than that. Also, I would decrease the amount of parsley. A fourth of a cup was too much. But yay, at least it tastes good haha




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