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Cheesy Mini Pizza Pockets

So, fun story with this one. When I look at new recipes, I just skim it really fast, to make sure it’s not too insanely complicated, or the ingredients aren’t too hard to find/expensive, stuff like that. So I skimmed this one and was like well, this seems easy let’s go for it.

I go to make it last night and I actually read the recipe. Turns out it’s from a website with easy recipes that kids and parents can make together. So. That’s why it appeared so easy, because both the little kids and the big kids can help! Haha oh well.

So, this was extremely simple. My roommates didn’t really want anything extra in there, so they are literally just pizza dough and cheese. One small problem I ran into was that the pre-made pizza dough, once it was unrolled was way too big for any pan, cutting board, or counter space I had. So, I ended up cutting the giant rolled up tube of pizza dough in half and then unrolling it from there.

I definitely recommend dipping them in either marinara or ranch in order to give them a little more flavor. They’re not bad though, actually they would be great to throw together really fast for a party or something.



Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch

So, Charlie and Gaby came over last night, we hung out for a bit, (read drank, read cosmo, and watched Bravo), and at about two in the morning that it would be a great idea to do My Drunk Kitchen. For those that don’t know this lovely internet fad, basically you drink, make a recipe while continuing to drink, and film it all. Well, we did, and there is a hour and twenty two minute video on my computer documenting it all. Maybe if I’m procrastinating for something I’ll edit it and throw it on here someday haha

But anyway, so basically this is my second try at making something using wonton wrappers, and I think it went even better this time. Also, it helped that Charlie knew how to roll them mini burrito style so that all the filling wouldn’t fall out. As you can see from the picture, there is a giant ravioli one, which Gaby made haha.

So the filling for the egg rolls was pretty easy. We just didn’t have any spinach or chiles, and it was 3 AM and we were in no place to drive, so we just omitted those from the recipe haha. Also, when it came to spices, we added black pepper on top of the ones in the recipe.

Now, for the dipping sauce, that was also super easy to make. My only question: there is not a single bit of ranch in the sauce. Why call it avocado ranch? It’s misleading haha. Anyway, we make it, and at this point my sister was in the kitchen, and she suggested adding a little bit of garlic salt. We did that, and it actually made it taste even better, so that was exciting.

So, the egg rolls came out of the oven, and we all thought they were really good, a little spicy but not too spicy. But, what made it was the dipping sauce, the two of them together were delicious!



Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

So, I first read what this recipe was called, and my first thought was: What the hell is a breakfast cake? It’s really good actually. Taste wise, It’s kind of like a muffin, but a little lighter than that texture wise. I liked it though. The recipe was really simple, and it didn’t take me that long to make, more time to bake in the oven actually. For the buttermilk, I did that homemade substitution that I discovered a week or so ago (1 cup of milk + 1 tbsp of lemon juice + let it sit for five minutes = bam buttermilk) It’s really simple and so much better than buying expensive buttermilk that goes bad so quickly.

So, yeah, I liked this recipe a lot, it was super good with coffee this morning. Which funny, story, my current obsession from the Keurig cup things is a blueberry coffee. So I had that with my blueberry cake thing, and it was awesome.



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