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Red Velvet Pancakes


Yup. I am fully aware that those are in fact green and not red haha. I looked in the cupboard before going shopping and saw the words food coloring, so I thought it was red and didn’t worry about it. I go to make these, look in the cupboard again, and see that what I thought was red food coloring was actually green food coloring. So, technically these are green velvet pancakes, but I’m also playing with the title Happy Spring Pancakes. I think that one may stick haha

Anyway, all that aside, batter was quick and easy to make, and it makes a pretty good pancake. However, I suck at flipping pancakes. I got the hang of it near the end, but not without a few casualties. However, I did manage to do the thing where you flip the pancake in the pan itself without the spatula. I may have only done it once, but it happened. So yay! Although, the interesting thing about actually cooking them is that you have to watch really carefully or they will brown. Which would look great if they were just regular pancakes, but with the green food coloring, it looked a little weird, like the some of the top ones, but whatever haha.

In the end, they tasted pretty good. I mostly know this because I made them last night before we had some people over for a night of drinking and cards agains humanity. I woke up this morning, and every single pancake was gone haha




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4 thoughts on “Red Velvet Pancakes

  1. Hahah oh gosh they look a bit mad.
    Was it normal pancake batter other than the green?

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