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Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats


I love cake batter. In all forms. Whether it be a flavoring of ice cream or the actual thing itself, or anything in between, I love that shit. So, obviously, I was excited to make these haha.

It’s just a fairly simple rice crispy treat recipe, just with adding in dry cake mix to give it that flavor.

So I made it with mostly no problem. Except for melting the marshmallows in the saucepan. That got really sticky and hard to stir really fast. And also it was a bitch to clean afterwards.

So anyway, I make them, they look great right? I go to taste them and they taste just fine. Which was a problem. I didn’t taste any cake batter. They just tasted like normal rice crispy treats. Not bad rice crispy treats, actually quite good, but there was nothing cake batter about them.

So, I would definitely put more of the cake mix in. Dare I say a whole cup? That might make it a little overwhelming, but I’d be curious as to how much I would have to put in it in order to taste anything.

But like I said, they were pretty good normal rice crispy treats. My family devoured the whole tray in one night. So, that part worked.




Chicken Pot Pie Bundles

So, basically, these are like chicken pot pie appetizers, and they are really good!

Egg roll wrappers/wonton wrappers are my new favorite thing. They are so easy to work with.

Anyway, this wasn’t too hard to make. A lot of mincing and cutting. Definitely pre slice everything before cooking, because there’s a lot and it cooks really quickly.

Also, this recipe makes exactly enough for 12, so if you want more, then double it.

Other than that, this was pretty easy. My dad loved them, so there’s the seal of approval there!



Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

I wanted to try this one because I’ve never worked with yeast before, and I wanted to give it a shot. And I think I did pretty well.

This is a pretty simple recipe, but there are a lot of different parts to it, but it’s all pretty easy stuff.

The first problem came with rolling it out. The recipe says it’s supposed to be a 12×20 square. Yeah. That didn’t happen. It was more like a blob. Have no idea how big it was. So, I just started putting the cinnamon sugar filling on it.

Then, the recipe says you slice the square/blob into six vertical strips, stack those on top of each other, then slice that into six squares. Sounds easy right? Yeah no. Once I got it into the vertical strips. I had been rolling the dough for so long, it had absorbed the flour I put on the counter so the dough was sticking to the counter, and all of the cinnamon sugar I just put on it was falling off the moment I picked the dough up. So I basically just scooped the cinnamon sugar off the counter and put it back on each strip. So that was a pain in the ass.

From there, it was easy, and once all was said and done, it tasted pretty good too. The family liked it. I think the very middle might have been a tiny bit underdone, but I was afraid of burning the top, so it would have to do.



Artichoke Bread

So, my mom, one of my sisters, and I are trying this military diet thing going around the internet. It’s only three days, the food isn’t terrible, so we figured why not. And so last night we had Chipotle and I made this haha

The dip mixture in the middle was pretty simple, but I recommend maybe heating the cream cheese or doing something to it so that it combines a little easier with everything else. Also, they didn’t have full jars of artichoke hearts, they only had half jars, so I just used the one half jar, and while I wish there would have been more artichoke hearts in it, it was still pretty good.

As for the bread, you have to hollow it out enough so that there is room for the dip, but not so much that it leaks out the bottom. I hollowed out the sides pretty well, but I wish I would have done just a little more out of the bottom, but that might just be personal preference.

So, that’s that! We’ll see how this whole diet thing goes though…



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