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Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats


I love cake batter. In all forms. Whether it be a flavoring of ice cream or the actual thing itself, or anything in between, I love that shit. So, obviously, I was excited to make these haha.

It’s just a fairly simple rice crispy treat recipe, just with adding in dry cake mix to give it that flavor.

So I made it with mostly no problem. Except for melting the marshmallows in the saucepan. That got really sticky and hard to stir really fast. And also it was a bitch to clean afterwards.

So anyway, I make them, they look great right? I go to taste them and they taste just fine. Which was a problem. I didn’t taste any cake batter. They just tasted like normal rice crispy treats. Not bad rice crispy treats, actually quite good, but there was nothing cake batter about them.

So, I would definitely put more of the cake mix in. Dare I say a whole cup? That might make it a little overwhelming, but I’d be curious as to how much I would have to put in it in order to taste anything.

But like I said, they were pretty good normal rice crispy treats. My family devoured the whole tray in one night. So, that part worked.




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