Tales from a 20-Something's Kitchen.

One girl's mission to take on Pinterest. And win. And eat some great food in the process.

Toasted Ravioli with Marinara Sauce

I need to read recipe pages more carefully sometimes. I thought these were baked. So, I had to fry something for the first time, and guess what? No one died or got a nasty oil burn! Victory!

Anyway, these were awesome. A little problem I ran into though was with breading the ravilois. You dip them in an egg/milk mixture (they recommend whole), then coat them with the breadcrumbs mixture. We only had skim milk in the house (ew) so I just had to go with it, and I think it actually made them not bread as well. I would have liked a thicker breadcrumb layer…so at least use 2 percent or something.

Also, this recipe says fry for a minute on each side, if I did more than 10 seconds per side, the breadcrumbs burned. Which was weird because I had it on the right temperature…oh well.

And lastly, there is a recipe for homemade marinara sauce…yeah I bought a jar of it at the store. No shame.

But in the end, I thought this was going to be a disaster, but they actually turned out great! Everyone loved them.




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