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Nutella French Toast with Strawberries

So, while I think Nutella is good, I am not crazy super in love with it as some people are. But, I thought this sounded good so I gave it a shot.

The recipe suggests tossing the strawberries in lemon juice and sugar. But I was like “meh” and just cut them up. I really don’t think it made a major difference.

Also (and the Nutella purists may find me and kill me for this…) But I used Jif’s version of Nutella. What can I say, it was cheaper, and you know what? It tasted pretty much the same.

But yeah, this was pretty simple to make. I will say though I’ve had better just plain french toast. Like the coating mixture makes a huge difference, and I think that’s where the difference lies. However, the whole Nutella thing is genius, it’s like a little french toast sandwich:

See? So yeah, I would definitely make these again!




Brownie Pudding

In order to fully understand this, I felt like it needed the picture of the inside of it, and then with the ice cream, so yeah, there’s that. haha

But to be honest, I didn’t quite know what to expect with this one. It’s called a brownie pudding, but the author on the recipe page it wasn’t really that, but more like a molten chocolate cake. But whatever, I just went for it anyway. And I thought it turned out pretty good. It reminded me of a triple chocolate meltdown from Applebees? It was kind of like that. But yeah, this was basically a chocolate delicious cake thing.

So, I start making this, and it’s simple enough. I was going to put it in a 13 x 9 pan. Then I get to the part where it has to go in a big roasting pan and you fill the pan with water. Yeah…I live in a college house, we aren’t making any turkeys in a large roasting pan on a regular basis. So, I got creative, and then this happened:

Basically, I turned the 13 x 9 into the roasting pan, so ta da.

Anyway, this is a pretty good dessert made with simple ingredients and is SO good warm…and with ice cream.



Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes


Guys. I have made a culinary victory. I MADE ICING AND FROSTING THAT DIDN’T SUCK! (Seriously though, look at all my past attempts at cupcakes…it was always the frosting that did me in)

I mean, I don’t have any materials to pipe the frosting and make them look pretty but at this point, I don’t care. I made them from scratch, they were the right consistency, and they tasted good. Bam.

So, onto the actual cupcakes themselves. I’m making them, I open the sour cream and there is MOLD ON IT. We don’t understand how it happened, my roommate had gotten it like a week ago. So. I was like well shit, what am I going to replace this with? Then one of my roommates was all like “why would you put sour cream in cupcakes anyway? That sounds gross” And I was like “…that’s a good question. [goes to computer, googles…2 minutes later] It’s to make them softer and give them a vaguely tarter taste. So there.”

So, I also start google-ing replacements for the sour cream, and someone says buttermilk…which I don’t have, but I did know how to make the milk/lemon juice substitute for buttermilk…So basically I used a substitute for a substitute…and I think it showed. The cupcakes were a little bit harder than I would want them to be, but the taste wasn’t bad…

Also, the cupcake liners we had got stretched out, hence why they look like a mess.

Guys. I feel like the universe is telling me to stop making cupcakes…but the question is…WILL I stop making cupcakes…the answer is probably no.



Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle

Pretty right?

This is a pretty simple dessert recipe, just mixing a bunch of stuff together.

The only thing with me, is that the amount for the layers didn’t quite work out. I had a TON of the pudding mixture, and it’ didn’t quite make even layers with the brownies and the reese’s cups. And there was still stuff I didn’t use. The recipe calls for three tubs of cool whip, there’s still one sitting in my fridge. So, in that bowl, you kind of have to dig a little to get the other layers.

See what I mean? There is more in there than what you can see on the outside, but the pudding kind of takes over everything.

So yeah, in the future, I would half the pudding mixture recipe. Other than that, this is pretty good!



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