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Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf


This is that thing I tried to make a few weeks ago but the freaking grocery store didn’t have blueberries…

Well obviously now they did because I made this!

So this is pretty simple, I did make a couple of substitutions. I used vanilla yogurt instead of plain yogurt because I thought it would add maybe a sweetness to it. I also already had vanilla yogurt in my fridge and didn’t want to buy plain yogurt. I also used lemon juice for everything. Like when it said lemon zest? Yeah no, lemon juice. This was also because it was something already in the fridge.

As for the recipe itself, I enjoyed it. However, we didn’t have a loaf pan like the one recommended, so I used a meatloaf pan, which made it a little wider/shorter, but that didn’t bother me really. However, for some reason the middle didn’t bake through all of the way, it was still kind of gooey. But again, didn’t bother me a whole bunch. Except for the part where I had to get the loaf out of the pan…that was an adventure.

Here’s a picture of one slice:


It ended up having the taste/texture of like a pound cake, and I personally really liked it (as did my friends) and would make it again. Maybe for like a brunch or something?




Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Unf. Just looking at it makes me want to make it again. Honestly, no complaints. It was a perfect combination of all the delicious things and I loved it.

Fun story though. I was actually going to make this other recipe, a lemon blueberry loaf, and I get to the grocery store and they were out of blueberries. Seriously? I wandered for like 10 minutes trying to find some freaking blueberries. So, after I gave up, I went and sat on their huge display of cases of beer, and scrolled through pinterest on my phone trying to find the next recipe I was going to make. And the internet was unbearably so I was just like “whatever, I know there were two sandwiches on the list with bacon and avocado of some sort, so I’ll just get those.”

So I do that, get home, and I was like ok, Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese time. And I didn’t think about getting ingredients for guacamole, I only had an avocado. So I improvised, I had a majority of the ingredients for the guac in my fridge, the only major thing missing was the jalepeno. But honestly, I didn’t miss it too much. Also, the guac recipe uses two avocados, so I just cut the whole recipe in half, and I still got two whole sandwiches out of it, so that’s awesome.

So yeah, long story short, this was absolutely delicious and I would love to make it again.



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