Tales from a 20-Something's Kitchen.

One girl's mission to take on Pinterest. And win. And eat some great food in the process.

Two Minute Mug Brownie

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of mug desserts. It sounds perfect. Something small to satisfy a craving but without having to bake an entire box of brownies. So last night I decided to give one of them a shot.

And honestly, I didn’t really like it. It didn’t taste like a brownie, more like a chocolate cake, and it was dry and it was just a no for me. The recipe suggested throwing in some chopped chocolate or something, but I didn’t have that laying around the house, so I didn’t do it. Maybe that would have made a difference?

Also, the recipe says throw it in the microwave for a minute and if it’s still too gooey, do another thirty seconds. I did that, and maybe that was too long? Regardless, maybe I’ll try one of these recipes in the future, but maybe put in the extras?




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