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Cheesy Chicken and Tortillas

This was a recipe I was going to make for the Super Bowl tomorrow, but I got really hungry last night.

Anyway, this actually would make a great Super Bowl recipe. It’s relatively easy, simple ingredients, and it’s really good.

Now, here’s the thing. This recipe calls for the chicken to be cooked in a slow cooker for like four hours. That would have been lovely, if we had a slow cooker/crock pot. (Well, we used to, but that’s a whole other story) So what I did instead was cook them on the stove top plain, then shredding it, and then put in the 3 cups stock and all of the taco seasoning into the saucepan. (It makes sense when you read the recipe).

Now, the recipe calls for a pound of chicken breast, and the smallest I could find was like 1.3. And actually? I could have used even more chicken. Maybe even two pounds? One of my friends that I ate it with thought about maybe adding black beans or something?

This is it served over rice, like the recipe suggests. We found out that the rice was good, but you can totally eat it on it’s own as well!

So, make this for your Super Bowl parties tomorrow, I guarantee it’ll be a hit!




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