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Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

So I only ran into like three problems while make these. First, the cake mix box I bought was only 16 oz when it was supposed to be 18. Oops. Also, thought I had a full bag of chocolate chips…yeah I only had a half a bag, but eh I went for it anyway. Ok, so only two problems, but whatever.

But other than that, this is pretty simple to make. Here’s a tip though: when you’re done making the chocolate and you put it in the pan, wash that pan out immediately. Or else it gets stuck on it and you have to spend 15 minutes scraping chocolate. No bueno.

Also, the top layer is supposed to crumble on top, but remember that time there wasn’t enough cake mix? Yeah, it wasn’t exactly crumbly. So, I just added like a cup of flour and went for it.

Overall, these are pretty good. Super rich though. Like you eat one and you’re full for the next three hours. But everyone seemed to like them!




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