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Mashed Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar


Holy shit. These are amazing.

I’m not even kidding. These are some of the best baked mashed potatoes I have ever had. My family loved them too, devoured them in one night.

The only changes I made were using turkey bacon instead of regular bacon, and I nixed the chives, because I think they’re pointless.

I also ran out of cheese, so I couldn’t put any on top.

But these are awesome. Not healthy in any way, but tasty nonetheless. My family wants me to make them for holidays!




Tortilla and Avocado Soup


I’ve only made soup one other time, and the broth was super thin, so I wanted to give it another shot.

This time the broth was still thin, but it actually worked for this particular recipe, you just boil chicken broth (I was a cup short so I threw in some vegetable stock which worked fine) and then throw some stuff in, boil again and ta-da.

For the stuff that goes in the broth, it said you can use either canned chile pepper or hot salsa. I went with the salsa. Mostly because the grocery store was closing in five minutes and I had never heard of canned chile before let alone knew where to find it in the store. Anyway, it definitely gave it a bit of a kick which was actually pretty good.

One tiny screw up. So you’re supposed to cut up a tortilla and toast them. Recipe says in a toaster oven. Don’t have one of those, and didn’t feel like pre-heating the oven, so I tried to just make them in a pan, which didn’t work. So I sighed loudly and put them on a cookie sheet and in the oven.

I go to check on them after like two minutes to see if its working and this cloud spills out of the oven, I think I burned them, but it smelled like cleaning solution. I ask what is going on and my mom says “oh I forgot to tell you that there is oven cleaner in there, it’s not time to wipe it out yet.”


After checking to make sure they weren’t contaminated, I said screw it and threw them in the soup without toasting them. I didn’t mind it, but it was the general consensus that they would taste better if they were crunchy. Again, in the words of my mother “just buy crispy tortilla strips”

As for the soup itself, I liked it. I kind of wanted to call it Mexican Chili, considering it ended up being more chunky ingredients than a soup normally is. But I would definitely make this again.



Pizza Snowballs

Not going to lie, I totally got this recipe from one of those blogs that’s like “Mommy and kid cook together!” But hey, they’re simple recipes that are normally super good, and this one fits both of those.

Think like bite size hot pockets minus the sauce on the inside, and you have these guys. Everyone really liked them, and they even started suggesting variations that would be good. My favorite was spinach and feta.

Anyway, back to this recipe, she suggests using the small, normal biscuits, instead of the Grands, and I second that. These were really well proportioned using the smaller ones. And I think next time I make them (which I probably will), I’m going to put even more of the filling stuff, the more the merrier right?



Homemade Samoas Bars

Here’s the thing. I hate coconut. I think it’s gross.

However, I love Girl Scout Cookies, especially Samoas. I heard making the copycat cookie of them is really hard, so I saw this recipe and thought that this would work nicely.

Everything started off good, and then I grabbed the butter out of the fridge. Apparently my family has been eating a lot of toast because there was plenty in there a few days ago and when I went to make these, there was only 1/4 of a cup, and I needed 3/4. So I found some butter flavored Crisco shortening in the pantry, and managed to mix it in without vomming everywhere. (Ever since working in a cupcake shop, the thought of shortening makes me want to puke everywhere.)

Then, everything was fine from there on. They were actually fairly easy to make, the only tiny hurdle was getting the coconut/caramel mixture to spread across the cookie base. I ended up ditching the spatula and using my hands.

Hurdle three: The chocolate. I melted the chocolate chips and started dipping the bars in order to get the chocolate on the bottom. But parts of the cookie would fall off in the chocolate. So, I just started spooning it on, which worked a lot better. I then placed them upside down on a plate so the chocolate would harden.

Did you know it takes a long ass time for chocolate to set? Because I didn’t. And it was getting late and I wanted to eat them. My mom suggested putting them in the fridge. I did that and after about ten minutes, the chocolate was set enough to flip them over and drizzle the chocolate on top. I did the whole ziploc as a piping bag method, which went a ton better than last time, so there was a small victory there.

So. They were all done. They looked pretty. Then I tried to bite one. The caramel on top was hard as a rock. I’m pretty sure it’s from the ten minutes in the fridge. So I let them sit out overnight. That helped but they still remained pretty hard to eat. They even broke a cap off of one of my sister’s teeth…oops.

Bbbuuuttt…they did taste really good. My mom, who normally hates desserts. said she really liked them. So. I do want to try these again some day, but solve the caramel issue.



Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomato

This is a fun little appetizer thing that I thought I would give a try, considering it has three things I love (hummus, avocado and tomato).

And it was super easy, you toast the bread and cut it out with a circle cookie cutter or something. We have a measuring cup thing that makes a perfect circle so I used that.

Then you just layer everything on top. Easy right?

Well…you see how the title says roasted tomatoes? And do you also see how my tomatoes don’t look very roasted? Yeah…

So, I followed the directions for roasting the tomatoes exactly, but they turned out like this:

It was gross. I spent like 10 minutes cleaning that baking sheet.

The only thing that was different was the type of tomato. The recipe calls for plum tomatoes halved, but I already had a regular tomato lying around, so I used slices of that…I don’t know.

So I just cut up a new tomato and put that on top.

I would like to try this again, but actually get the plum tomatoes and see if that makes a difference. If anyone tries this and has better results, let me know!



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