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Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomato

This is a fun little appetizer thing that I thought I would give a try, considering it has three things I love (hummus, avocado and tomato).

And it was super easy, you toast the bread and cut it out with a circle cookie cutter or something. We have a measuring cup thing that makes a perfect circle so I used that.

Then you just layer everything on top. Easy right?

Well…you see how the title says roasted tomatoes? And do you also see how my tomatoes don’t look very roasted? Yeah…

So, I followed the directions for roasting the tomatoes exactly, but they turned out like this:

It was gross. I spent like 10 minutes cleaning that baking sheet.

The only thing that was different was the type of tomato. The recipe calls for plum tomatoes halved, but I already had a regular tomato lying around, so I used slices of that…I don’t know.

So I just cut up a new tomato and put that on top.

I would like to try this again, but actually get the plum tomatoes and see if that makes a difference. If anyone tries this and has better results, let me know!



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