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Tortilla and Avocado Soup


I’ve only made soup one other time, and the broth was super thin, so I wanted to give it another shot.

This time the broth was still thin, but it actually worked for this particular recipe, you just boil chicken broth (I was a cup short so I threw in some vegetable stock which worked fine) and then throw some stuff in, boil again and ta-da.

For the stuff that goes in the broth, it said you can use either canned chile pepper or hot salsa. I went with the salsa. Mostly because the grocery store was closing in five minutes and I had never heard of canned chile before let alone knew where to find it in the store. Anyway, it definitely gave it a bit of a kick which was actually pretty good.

One tiny screw up. So you’re supposed to cut up a tortilla and toast them. Recipe says in a toaster oven. Don’t have one of those, and didn’t feel like pre-heating the oven, so I tried to just make them in a pan, which didn’t work. So I sighed loudly and put them on a cookie sheet and in the oven.

I go to check on them after like two minutes to see if its working and this cloud spills out of the oven, I think I burned them, but it smelled like cleaning solution. I ask what is going on and my mom says “oh I forgot to tell you that there is oven cleaner in there, it’s not time to wipe it out yet.”


After checking to make sure they weren’t contaminated, I said screw it and threw them in the soup without toasting them. I didn’t mind it, but it was the general consensus that they would taste better if they were crunchy. Again, in the words of my mother “just buy crispy tortilla strips”

As for the soup itself, I liked it. I kind of wanted to call it Mexican Chili, considering it ended up being more chunky ingredients than a soup normally is. But I would definitely make this again.




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