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Guacamole Salsa

So, this recipe is pretty simple in that you just shove everything in the blender and hit go.

I’ve never worked with tomatillos before, I didn’t know they were slightly sticky underneath their husks, so that was weird. Also, I didn’t check under the husks at the grocery store and two of mine were rotten. My bad. So, because of that, I had less tomatillos to balance out the jalapeno, and because of that, it came out a little spicier than I would have liked. (Fun fact, I’m boring and don’t like spicy things)

Also, something to get used to is the consistency. It’s a smoother, rather than chunky salsa.

But. It’s good. Try it if you need something super quick to throw together.




Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies

So, if you’ve ever had a triple chocolate meltdown at Applebees, this is a similar concept, but with cookies. Yum.

These are pretty simple. But when you make them, put more chocolate in the middle. After they were done, you would think the chocolate would kind of ooze out (even though I hate that word. ew.) But instead it just kind of baked in. So, it was just more chocolate baked into the middle instead of the “lava” it was supposed to be

you can kind of see it in the middle there.

But, the picture brings me to my next point. When these are warm (if they’re leftovers, pop them in the microwave for 30s) and then pair it with some ice cream…so. good.

So, even though these basically ended up being just weirdly shaped cookies, they’re still pretty good.



Stuffed Crust Pizza Snacks

I’ve been making a lot of sweet things lately, so it was time for something savory. Also, I’m quite a big fan of pizza and its many forms. So, to me, these basically looked like homemade pizza rolls, I was totally in.

The process is pretty easy, but time consuming. You have to roll out the dough, cut it into individual squares, and then wrap them around individual pieces of cheese and pepperoni. I was conservative with how big the cheese cubes were when I cut them, but now I wish I would have just gone for it and put a ton of cheese in there.

Because, if you look at this picture, you can see the pepperoni, the cheese cube that melted into a layer, and then there’s a gap above it that’s just air between the crust. That gap could have been filled with a shit ton of cheese.

Anyway. I like the addition of the italian seasoning on top, it adds a little more flavor, but other than that, these are pretty straightforward. Nothing fancy, but still pretty good tasting. Probably even better with more cheese.



Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries with Chocolate Drizzle

Strawberries are healthy. Cheesecake is dairy. These are healthy right?

The actual truth about these is that they’re pretty easy to make, and taste great.

I used about a whole package of medium sized strawberries, instead of 10 large ones, and that seemed to work out fine. The only problem I ran in to was that I thought we had sandwich bags to pipe the cheesecake filling…we didn’t. So I just used a spoon and kind of just shoved it in there. It wasn’t a perfect system, and I probably could have got more in the strawberries by piping it, but oh well.

Kind of same for the chocolate drizzle. I melted it, but there was no good way to drizzle it on, because it didn’t become thin enough, no matter how long I microwaved it, and I didn’t want to do more and burn it. So that’s why there are some random chocolate chunks on there.

But the important thing is that they taste great. Which they do. I would love to try again, but with actually piping them.



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