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Chicken Cordon Bleu Lasagna

I know. Weird sounding combination right? But, it’s actually pretty good. It’s essentially lasagna with alfredo sauce instead of marinara and ham and chicken instead of whatever meat you normally put in lasagna.

The recipe is pretty easy too, once you prep everything it’s basically about layering.

I will say, it starts with saying put a 1/2 cup of the meat sauce (which is the ham, chicken, and alfredo sauce) on the bottom. Yeah. 1/2 cup doesn’t even cover a fourth of a 9×13 pan. So, I just kept scooping little by little until it barely covered. I used maybe a cup? That’s a guesstimate.

If you’re prepping this for a dinner, start early, because this needs to spend about an hour in the oven.

But, like I said, pretty good. But it is rich, and I could only eat one piece, but this odd combo definitely works.




Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I’ll admit, Lemon Poppyseed isn’t my go to muffin flavor, I’m a blueberry person myself. But, I do enjoy lemon poppyseed and this looked like a good recipe, so I decided to go for it. And it was a pretty good recipe.

Confession: Normally when a recipe calls for lemon zest, I don’t do it. I think it’s a waste of a lemon if the juice of the whole lemon isn’t being used in a recipe, so I just replace it with 2 tbsps of lemon juice, always works for me.

But this time, the recipe says zest and juice of a lemon, so I decide to go for it and see if it really makes a difference. I will say I don’t love the texture if gave the batter. Because another confession: I always “test” batter. AKA eat it. And the texture was weird. And honestly? I don’t think it added anything more than if I just did more lemon juice. So. That was my experiment with this one.

Also, remember that time I said I would always check for muffin tin liners?

Yeah. Forgot to check. So, I sprayed the shit out of the muffin pan and it actually worked, shockingly.

But yeah, this is a solid recipe. They taste great out of the oven, but they stale pretty quickly, so eat them quickly!



Strawberry Yogurt Cake

I’ve never made a bundt cake before. Like I actually had to buy a bundt pan while I was out grabbing the ingredients for this.

But guys. This cake is awesome. It’s pretty easy to make. I was a little worried about the outcome because I added more strawberries and yogurt. This was partially out of laziness. At the store, they didn’t come in the oz. size for the recipe (12 and 8, respectively) I had to buy 18 and 10. And because who wants to spend time measuring ounces, I just used all of it. And it tastes fine to me.

But here’s an inside picture:

I was also worried about the whole flipping the pan thing, having never made this kind of cake before. There was some fumbling, but nothing broke, so hallelujah.

All in all, this is a simple, yet really yummy cake recipe. (And it tastes really good with coffee the next morning too!)



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