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Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

I have this habit of whenever I buy ingredients for a recipe that involves a crockpot, I forget about that part.

So last night, at 6:30 I’m all like, “Let’s make these for dinner!” I open the chicken and start to defrost it. While it’s defrosting, I pull up the recipe. First instruction: Cook the chicken in the slow cooker for four hours.

Welp. Too late now. I just had to commit and make them.

When all was said and done, these were done just before midnight. But. They were really good. Also, a very easy, hands-off type dish. Just cook for four hours, shred the chicken, put it back in, dump the rest of the ingredients on top, stir, and another 30 minutes in the crock pot and ta-da.

So. Make these. Just don’t be like me. Plan ahead.




Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

This one can go in the win category in the always interesting “Jillian vs. Cupcake Recipes” war.

Also, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal, so this demanded to be made.

So, for the cupcakes themselves, this is one of those where you start with a cake mix box as the dry ingredients, and then add different and/or more wet ingredients than what is on the box. For starters, I couldn’t find French Vanilla cake mix, so I just went with Yellow cake. Then, once I put everything in, the better was way more liquid-y than a cupcake batter should be. But, I had already gotten that far, might as well keep going. So, I put them in the oven. The recipe says 13-15 minutes. This took 25. Maybe because of the batter consistency? But, at least they baked eventually.

Now. For the frosting. My biggest enemy.

It turned out ok! The consistency was almost right, it tasted pretty good. It was a little lumpy because a.) I used a ziploc bag and my own two hands to crush the cinnamon toast crunch, so some of the crumbs were not crumbs but more like tiny pieces. And b.) I hand mixed the frosting itself because I didn’t want to get out the hand mixer and have to do more dishes.

But I even did the ziploc bag piping thing and it was ok. I gave up about 2/3 of the way through and just started spooning it on.

So yeah, small victories. One day, my cupcakes will look amazing.



Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes


The cupcake frosting battle continues.

Once again, everything tastes great, but the frosting doesn’t have the right consistency.

I just want pretty cupcakes dammit.

Anyway, but like I mentioned, these cupcakes are delicious, and the taste of the frosting is great.

And I swear I followed the directions. I even put in some more powdered sugar to thicken it. But then it got grainy so I had to add more strawberry puree. Then I put it in the fridge for like 20 minutes.

So. Someone do this and tell me if they had success with the frosting.

But this tastes great, so make them.



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