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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake


So, I’ve made cakes before. But I think this was an interesting recipe. Not in terms of ingredients or anything, but how to make it. Like the order everything goes in. I don’t know, maybe I’m rambling.

Anyway, making the batter was pretty straight forward. But, the recipe said she used a 9 x 13 pan, but the batter barely covered the bottom. I a 9 x 11 did the trick eventually. (After a very messy transfer) but the cake is still pretty thin.

The icing was also interesting to make. Well. First off, I was dumb and only looked at the ingredients for the cake before I went shopping, and I didn’t buy heavy cream. But, because the internet is awesome, I found a substitute recipe (butter and milk). But making the icing required boiling a mixture then pouring it over chocolate. But, it worked, and it’s probably the best icing/frosting type thing I’ve made.

But, I will say, the cake was just ok. It was good, but it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Oh well, maybe next time!




Baked S’Mores

Guys, I got a little over-confident on this one. My last few dessert recipes have gone fairly well and I saw that this was pretty simple, more of a layering thing.

So, making the dough I could handle, that was fine. So, the recipe says to later chocolate, then marshmallow, and then do this thing where you roll out and cut a bag and flip it over and do all this stuff to put the second layer on. I saw this and said “eh, let’s do marshmallow first, because it will be easier to spread over crust than over chocolate, and then I can just press the second layer of dough over the chocolate.”

Roomate: Don’t do that, the chocolate will melt into the marshmallow.

Me: Meh.

So, I do it my way. I also eyeballed the marshmallow, instead of actually measuring it out.

So, when all was said and done and I took them out of the oven. I find that a. there wasn’t enough marshmallow and b. the chocolate had indeed melted into the marshmallow.


So, I just spread some more marshmallow on top right before I eat them and call it a day.

So what did I learn? I’m still not good enough to improvise in the kitchen. Maybe next time



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