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Strawberry Mango Salsa


We all know that my last attempt at a fruit salsa was kind of a hot soupy mess.

(See https://jeleff2014.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/fruit-salsa-with-baked-cinnamon-chips/)

But this time it turned out better!

It’s also a simpler recipe with less ingredients to get smushed together. I decided to go with the cinnamon pita chips to eat with the salsa. Which, I could have made my own, and I’ve done in the past, but Stacy’s makes really good ones sooooo.

Although, I had no idea cutting up a mango was such a bitch to do. Holy crap. I just started cutting it, not realizing what I was doing wrong, and then I looked up some videos on Youtube. Oops. So, by the end it looked like a mango massacre.

Whatever, can’t tell with the end result!

I’m going to the beach today with some friends and can’t wait to bring this along!




Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups


I know, it sounds like a lot, but it was actually pretty simple. The hardest part was making the filling, which I admittedly screwed up a little bit.

Also, these are supposed to be little, made in a mini muffin pan. Number one, I don’t have a mini muffin pan, just a normal one. Two, go big or go home. So, these are huge and you only need one and you’re set on you’re sweet tooth fix for hours.

To make the bottom layer, you put chocolate in the bottom of the liner and then brush up the sides with a pastry brush. My brush is bigger, it’s technically more for grilling, which I think mine came out a little pointier.

But, making the filling. So, I think I may have burned it a little bit. You melt butter and then let the brown sugar bubble for a minute or two. So, I put the brown sugar in and then went to find my phone to put on a timer…but I couldn’t find my phone. So, I think in the time I spent looking for it was over two minutes and it burned the brown sugar because it never fully dissolved into the mixture.

Whatever, they still taste pretty good. Chalk up another win for the homemade candy category.



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