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Reduced Calorie, Reduced Fat, Spinach and Artichoke Dip


So, I’ve recently made Spinach and Artichoke dip (pretty successfully I might add)


But this one promises to be healthy-ish, so why not? The trick to this is basically reduced fat cream cheese, low fat milk, greek yogurt, and less cheese.

Confession. I already had a whole block of regular cream cheese in the fridge. Why go out and buy more? So, this recipe may not be as reduced as it should be. I already drink low fat milk so that was easy. The less cheese broke my heart a little bit but I honestly didn’t miss it too much in the final product.

But the greek yogurt. That was an adventure. The recipe specifically calls for 2%. But literally every single 2% yogurt at the grocery store was flavored. And I really didn’t want my spin dip to taste like toasted coconut. I was about to give up and use 0%, but then I saw one of those yocrunch type ones? So I used that yogurt and ate the “choco balls” separately haha.

Also, both grocery stores I went to have never even heard of frozen artichoke hearts, so I just went with the canned ones. Worked just as well I think.

Which is actually what this recipe is. With the ingredients, this is a healthier version of the traditional appetizer, but I honestly think it tasted just as good. Chalk this one up as a win.




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