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Strawberry Cake

I know, it looks super messy. But it tastes really good.

I probably kind of sort of didn’t do everything perfectly, but oh well.

For example, your supposed to whip some heavy whipping cream in a chilled bowl until peaks form. Well. First I had way less whipping cream than I thought. (Only had ¼ c when I needed ¾…) So I found this milk/cornstarch substitute online, did ½ c of that with the ¼. By then the bowl wasn’t as chilled, and then I got impatient….so long story short, the frosting was way runnier than it needed to be. (as seen above) But it still tasted really good, which is the important part.

So, I also didn’t have the recommended 9 inch round pans. So, I just made one big sheet cake thing. The problem with that was getting it out of the pan in one piece.

Exhibit A:

It wasn’t sticking to the pan or anything, it was just a bigger cake and gravity is a douche.

So, I just kind of shoved the two sides together and started frosting the thing. I still cut the two halves to make it a two layer cake instead of a four layer. And like I said, the frosting was a little runny, so I was just spooning the shit on.

But, in the end, this was really good. I brought it to a little gathering at a friend’s place last night and they ate almost the entire thing!

I would like to try this one again, but actually buy the round pans and try to make it four layers.




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