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Spinach and Parmesan Puffs


So, some friends of mine here in the city have started a theatre company, and they have a monthly event called The Playground, where a group of people comes together and makes short devised scenes in 30 minutes. Super theatre nerdy, super fun.

Anyway, so I participated in last night’s event, and this month (the harvest edition) you had to bring some food for everyone to not only share, but be the inspiration for the scenes. So, that was super fun.

Anyway, back to the making of the things. Confession, they were actually supposed to be twists, not puffs, and look more like this:


It said that one sheet should make ten twists, and since I knew I was making food for about twenty people, I grabbed the puff pastry box that said 2 sheets in it.

I take them out, and they are so tiny. I don’t think they could have even made ten twists all together.

So, it was time to improvise.

I cut the whole sheet into thirds and then cut those thirds in half, and then cut those halves in half (ew math) to make little squares. Then, I made them into little tiny pockets by folding the squares in half, and then pinching together two of the three open sides, like these:


Then I stuffed them with the cheese and spinach. The trick was to make the pockets after they thawed from the freezer a little bit, but before they started melting into pieces in your hands.

Now, the recipe doesn’t say any specific measurements. I probably used about 25-30 spinach leaves, and almost 3/4 of one of those packages of parmesan cheese. And they took about 25 minutes to cook.

But let me tell you, I love puff pastry. It’s a tad on the expensive side, but it’s super easy to work with, and it does half the work for you. Once they puff up, they’re super flaky and light, and I had nothing to do with making it that way.

But, they people at the event last night loved them. And I think the scene that was inspired by them was pretty funny too.



Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes


So, this was a pretty straightforward recipe. Not too difficult, but also not the best one I’ve ever had. I know it was going to a shortcake type cake, but I found the cake to be a little bland. The frosting was also a little thinner than I would have liked it to be. Strawberry jam being the main flavor component didn’t help a lot.

But. It sounds like I’m knocking this cupcake. I’m just being nitpicky, It’s a really good cupcake. But, maybe there’s some modifications or something to make it even better?



Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese

IMG_2844 (1)

So, what I’ll say about this recipe is that it has potential. And by that I mean the recipe is totally fine. I screwed it up.

So. First mistake. Recipe says Fontina Cheese. I make a note of it, some time passes before I get a chance to go to the store, and when I get there, I see that the recipe didn’t specify how much, which normally means not a lot. I also couldn’t find straight fontina cheese. It was always mixed with something. So I said to myself “eh I have some muenster cheese at home, let’s just do that.”

So, fast forward to actually making the thing. It hits me that this is the first time I’m making tomato sauce on my own, and not using the canned stuff. Cool, let’s do it. Everything’s going great, I leave the sauce to simmer, start with the chicken, when I start to get caught up in showing my roommate Pentatonix music videos (by the way, great group if you don’t know them).

I look at the stove top and realize “Oh. I definitely have that set to cook, not simmer”

Yeah, I had some burned ass tomato sauce on my hands. I tried adding pinch(es) of sugar, as the recipe suggests, but yeah, couldn’t really salvage it. It actually didn’t taste horrendous, but I also wasn’t too proud of myself.

Thankfully, the chicken was great. I’ve got the whole coating and baking chicken thing down to an art now. That was great.

So, the sauce is (over)done, the chicken is done, let’s actually make the sandwich part. I pull out all of the necessary grilled cheese items, including my muenster cheese. Open the bag, there is one slice left.

Well shit.

So, I take my chicken, spread a scant amount of the sauce on top, then rip the singular cheese slice in half, place it on both sandwiches, and just go for it.

On a happier note, this the first time with a fancy grilled cheese recipe where it didn’t fall apart on the first flip. #smallvictories #blessed

So, all in all, this actually didn’t taste bad, it was just way less flavorful than it could have been. And it’s my own damn fault. So, give this a try and learn from my mistakes. Pay attention to your sauces.



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