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Cookies and Cream Rice Krispie Treats


So, I’ve never actually made rice krispies by myself before. It was always with my mom for some bake sale or school event or whatever, so of course I was going to give them a shot.

And we all know it’s a fairly simple process, this one just adds crushed Oreos.

And everything was going great, until melting the marshmallows. To be fair, the recipe did say to use a big bowl because they marshmallows expand a lot in the microwave. I apparently just didn’t have a big enough bowl.

It was everywhere. In the microwave, all in the bowl, it was a giant mess.

So, I tried to salvage some, and then melted whatever I had left in the package.

Also, we make these with children?! What about when the hot marshmallow/butter mess gets stuck to your hands and it’s burning you?! And then you try and take it off and then it gets stuck and burns your other hand?!

Anyways. When all was said and done, I only got 8 bigger sized rice krispies, rather than the 24 the recipe was supposed to yield. And they dried out really quickly.

So for me, this recipe wasn’t worth how long it took me to clean everything. But, maybe someone else will have better luck!




Avocado Chicken Salad


I know it doesn’t look super fancy, but damn is it good.

The recipe is a little different than normal. The author just has a list of ingredients and says that she used 2 pounds of chicken, 1 avocado, 3 green onions, and then just added everything else kind of randomly until it tasted good.

Me, being the person I am, I didn’t love the sound of that. But, I decided to give it a shot. I used a pound and a half of chicken (which was more than enough since it’s just me eating it), 2 avocados (because I’m obsessed with avocados), and 2 green onions (because I’m iffy on any type of onion) and then just went for it with everything else.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how much of each ingredient is in his because I just started throwing everything in there and taste testing it. I almost got full just from that!

But this is a super easy, customizable recipe. It’s pretty quick to make too. The longest part was cooking and shredding the chicken.

The recipe suggests serving with a pita or some chips. What I did was toast some bread and make a sandwich out of it. But I also threw on a piece of cheddar cheese. Because I will make any excuse to add cheese to a recipe.




Margarita Cupcakes


I’ve seen multiple recipes for boozy cupcakes, and I’ve always wanted to give them a shot.

Also, margaritas. Yum.

So, while I do like tequila, I’m not one who normally just has a bottle laying around. So, I bought some Jose and now I have almost an entire bottle in my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely taste the tequila in the cupcakes, but it only is about two shots worth. So, unless you do have a bottle handy, save yourself some money and get the cute little airplane bottles.

I also tried a new thing for buttermilk, which is always a bitch. It’s expensive, and doesn’t keep long. I found this stuff in the baking aisle that is a dry powder version of buttermilk. You put the appropriate amount of powder in with the dry ingredients, and then when the recipe actually calls for buttermilk, put water in instead. And it worked great!

The cupcake batter itself was a little thinner than I’m used to, but they came out great so no complaints there.

But I will say, the frosting beat me this time. I keep losing the consistency challenge. The taste is always there, but I don’t want to sacrifice flavor for consistency, especially in this recipe. So, I dealt with some runny frosting and called it a day.

But, these cupcakes are quite tasty, and I especially loved the frosting. Give these a shot for your next party!



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