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Slow Cooker Spinach and Tortellini Soup


So, I have had absolutely zero time to cook food lately. I’ve been in a few shows back to back and so would go from my day job to straight to my theatre job basically every single day. There was about two straight weeks where I lived off pizza. I would be at the gym, order the pizza on the way home, so by the time I was out of the shower, pizza was there, and I had 10 minutes to eat as much as humanly possible.

Also, the fact that this is a slow cooker recipe and took approximately 5 hours didn’t really help matters. And then I finally bought the ingredients, went to make it two days later, the mushrooms had already gone bad. Then I went to go make it again this past Sunday, a friend texted me and was treating some people in my theatre company to dinner.

It was like the universe didn’t want me to make this.

But hah. Two months later, I finally got around to it.

And it was pretty good!

It’s interesting because the recipe calls for this white sauce mix. I went to three different grocery stores. I couldn’t find it, and the workers thought I was crazy, they’ve never even heard of it.

So, I scoured the internet, and found out that a lot of other people were having similar problems. I found this substitute that sounded easy enough:


She said hers turned out a little lumpy and too sweet. So what I did was instead of the 2c water and 2c milk, I just did the 4c of water that the original recipe says, and whisked the shit out of it until there was no lumps. Which took a solid five minutes.

But, that seemed to work! After that it was pretty easy, mostly just me sitting around, watching TV, and waiting for the magical crock pot to do its thing.

So, yeah, this wasn’t too bad. It is missing some flavor, which is probably due to the whole white sauce thing, but in the end, not a bad recipe to give a shot.




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