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Avalanche Bars


I’m visiting home for the holidays which means our annual bake off!

This year, I decided to make something called Avalanche Bars, which was a really random recipe I found.

So, basically, take rice krispies, replace the marshmallow with white chocolate and peanut butter, but still put in mini marshmallows later, add more chocolate, and you got these guys.

The tricky part for me was the whole “cooling” thing. So, the chocolate/peanut butter mixture is pretty warm once melted together, and then you’re supposed to add the rice krispies and let it cool before adding the last two ingredients.

So, I did that. But by the time the cereal mixture was cool, the marshmallows weren’t mixing into the cereal the way I wanted it to. They were just sitting there. I added the chocolate chips anyway. But when I put it all in the pan, I wasn’t happy with how everything was mixed together. The oven was already pre-heated for someone else’s cookies, so I just popped the tray in for literally three minutes, just enough to make the marshmallows and chocolate a little melty. (If melty is a word.)

But then the bars were too soft to cut, so I had to put the bars into the fridge for about 20 minutes. But then, after all that, they turned out great. So, definitely worth the extra effort.

And they were a hit at the bake off too!




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