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Taco Pizza


Anyone else have Taco Pizza days in grade school? If you did, like me, then this recipe will make you crazy nostalgic.

So did you know that Pillsbury now makes a product that is the crescent roll dough but already in sheet form? It’s like they read my mind. So, I got two of those to substitute the two crescent roll tubes. They were still a bitch to get open, but when are they not?

I skipped the black olives because as I have mentioned before, ew, gross. And I went with regular refried beans instead of the jalepeno kind.

When it came to browning the ground beef and making the crust, I definitely could have condensed some time by doing those at the same time, rather than one right after the other.

Getting the dough onto the pan was…interesting. The first sheet only half, but I started in the corner, so there was a strip in the bottom and on the side that needed to be covered. So I Frankensteined the other dough sheet to fill in any gaps. I will say, didn’t make a very even crust, but at least it still tasted pretty good.

From there, it’s all a matter of layering, and ta-da! I did add some sour cream to the top post picture as a finishing touch, which was an awesome idea that I recommend.

Recipe: http://realmomkitchen.com/5301/taco-pizza/


Stuffed Crescent Rolls


So, I think I made two mistakes with this one.

  1. I bought store brand crescent rolls.
  2. I let the tubes sit on the counter while I took a shower before making these

Which I think led to the little messes you see above.

I’ll start from the beginning.

First things first, I skipped putting olives in the filling, because ew.

The filling itself was easy to make. I actually wish there was something a little extra in there. Maybe lemon juice? Some more seasoning? Something to tie it all together. It was a bit bland for me. I almost would have been better off just doing cheese. Because cheesy crescent rolls sounds like an awesome idea.

Anyway. I go to unroll the crescent roll dough, involuntarily jumped when the tube popped (like always) and found a goopy mess of dough. First thought “oh shit I left these out too long”

So I thought I would be careful and separate them very slowly. But then I couldn’t find the triangle perforations. I maybe found them twice on every roll of dough. Which I’m going to blame on being a 20 something who bought store brand dough.

So I only got like 12-13 rolls, instead of 16, because I just had to rip hunks and form them into triangles.

In retrospect, they don’t look too bad for having to form them myself huh?

Anyway, it’s not a bad recipe, would maybe want to mod it a little bit.

And refrigerate my dough.

Recipe: http://clairebidwellsmith.com/2010/01/22/windy-city-crescent-rolls/

Cheesy Potato Fries


So, I know I’ve made cheese fries before, but those were supposed to be healthy (even though I didn’t make them that way), and these were a different recipe sooooo…

Anyway, these were pretty straightforward. Cut the potatoes, bake them, put the stuff on them.

I liked the sour cream/ranch/milk mix, it was pretty good! I didn’t put the sour cream mixture on the bottom of the fries though because I didn’t quite get why to do that. I just heaped it all on top. I also skipped out on the bacon bits as a topping because it’s not real bacon.

The only thing that was a disappointment was that the fries completely stuck to the foil they were baked on, which I was surprised about.

But other than that, these turned out great!

Recipe: http://yummy-recipezz.blogspot.com/2012/10/cheesy-potato-fries.html

Crockpot Barbecue Chicken


So, what we’ve got here is a pretty standard crockpot recipe. Put the stuff in the crockpot, leave it there for a long ass time. Ta-da.

But that’s also why I haven’t had a chance to make this. There’s been no good opportunity for me schedule wise to meal prep this stuff.

But, yesterday was my chance. Finally. I was seeing a show at a park nearby yesterday afternoon, so I popped it in beforehand, and it was ready for dinner.

As for the recipe itself, I wish the sauce was a bit thicker. By the time it was ready to eat, the sauce was a bit thin and runny. Still pretty good though, and it’s got a little bit of a kick to it as well that took me by surprise.

It says to keep it in the crockpot for 4-6 hours. I was a little under 5 when I called them done. This was probably because I stuck them in frozen. I probably could have kept them in for that extra hour, but I was starving.

Overall, not bad. Not amazing, but not bad. And I also now have lunch and/or dinner for the next three days!

Recipe: http://forkinit.blogspot.com/2010/09/crockpot-barbecue-chicken.html

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