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Peanut Butter M&M Bars


So, my family had their annual holiday cookie bake-off, and this is what I made!

The recipe is veeerrryyy easy. A plus when there are five other recipes going on. Mix all the ingredients, put in pan, bake.

Admittedly, I did hit a few snags. Firstly, my dad was in charge of buying all the ingredients, and he didn’t get the Bisquik. So, I had to find a substitute for Bisquik, make that first, and then make the recipe.

Then, my mom got me out two pans, in case there was extra, I put that to the side, and greased the other. In the chaos, I put the dough into the extra-non greased pan. Luckily, I caught it after only like 5 minutes, and was able to take it out and transfer. It wasn’t, but it could have been disastrous.

Overall, if you need something quick and easy, go for this. They are pretty rich, so one bar is definitely filling.

Recipe: https://www.rachelcooks.com/2011/09/27/5-ingredient-mm-peanut-butter-bars/


Creamy Grilled Chicken Picatta


So, I had a night off from rehearsal on Tuesday night, and decided to make this for dinner. So, I made the marinade, put it on the chicken, and put it in the fridge. The recipe says marinate overnight, but I wanted to eat it for dinner, so my plan was about two hours. However, it turned in to overnight because I got distracted watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and then when it was over it was past 11.

Oh well.

But then, I also forgot about it the next day. I got home from rehearsal at 10:30 and remembered the chicken was in the fridge. I googled how long chicken can marinate, and it said 1, 2 days max. So I figured this was a use it or lose it situation.

And that’s how I ended up making this recipe at 11 at night.

Basically, I pan seared the chicken (because I don’t have a grill) and made the pasta. It was all easy enough. When I made the sauce, first, I had to use mozzarella instead of parmesan because when I grabbed the cheese I had in the fridge, it had gone moldy. So I had to use my roommates cheese instead. When I tested the sauce for taste/consistency, I didn’t know if I liked it. It was very lemon-y, and I think I was expecting something cheesier/creamier. But, when I put it with the pasta, I really liked it. I cut the pasta into strips and put it on top.

Overall, not a typical late night snack, but a good one nevertheless!

I will say-it is best fresh. It re-heats alright, but it’s not quite as good as when you first make it.

Recipe: http://www.plainchicken.com/2010/08/creamy-grilled-chicken-piccata.html

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies

I’ve done the lemon/blueberry combo, so I was pretty excited to make these. Because that cheesecake part? Just a straight up block of cream cheese. Yum.

It’s a pretty straight forward cookie recipe, a little shortbread-y. Original poster recommends putting the dough into the fridge before rolling and putting the cream cheese in. I can not back that up enough. I should have put it in 5 more minutes.

These are supposed to bake 10-14 minutes. It ended up being more like 20-24 for me. The edges never really browned, I stopped because some of the bottoms were getting dark.

But overall, a solid recipe that everyone who has tried them has liked. They’re not overly sweet, so you can have 17 in one sitting (according to my roommate anyway).

Recipe: http://hotpolkadot.com/2011/08/18/its-12am-do-you-know-where-your-cookies-are/

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