Crock Pot Ranch Potatoes


I know, it’s been a minute. I’ve been super crazy busy, and this crock pot recipe was next on my list. I barely had time to make a normal meal, let alone a crock pot one.

But a pretty gross spring cold led me to yesterday, a full day off with no plans. Everything happens for a reason right? My only wish that this had been just a *little* bit more satisfying.

For starters, it’s partially my bad. The recipe recommends quartered red potatoes. I had russet on hand, so I just did that. Ended up having to cut those into eighths and still some of those were a tad big. They had to stay in the crock pot for an extra half hour because they weren’t soft enough. And even after then, the bigger chunks still weren’t the desired softness.

After that, it’s just dumping a bunch of stuff on top and mixing it all together. I obviously added more cheese. Gotta stay on brand.

So, these were fine, but I would definitely get red or smaller golden potatoes if I were to make them again.


By jeleff11

I'm an Actor and Writer based in Chicago, a lover of movies, food, and procrastination. Basically I'm just trying to get through my crazy busy life without falling asleep standing up.

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