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French Toast Dumplings


So. What we got here is actually one of my first fails in quite some time.

BUT. I don’t think it was all me. The recipe for this is…interesting?

The basic premise is to take a can of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits (note that this is exactly what the recipe suggests), cut and ball them up, and simmer them in a maple syrup/brown sugar concoction.

The first big issue came with the biscuits. Notice how “Flaky Layers” are recommended. Ok. So when I put the little balls into the saucepan to simmer, the layers started to heat up, puff up, and separate. Making a giant fucking mess. The amount you see in the picture up top is maybe half of what I started with. Not a lot of these were salvageable.

I tried to wash pot out immediately, but the maple syrup was already a caked on mess. I was half tempted to throw the damn thing out.

But, I kept going. It says to cool them while making a cinnamon sugar/nutmeg combo to dip them in. The syrup basically hardened on them, making them hard to coat.

And after all that, you would hope they taste good right?

It tasted like raw biscuit dough covered in maple syrup.

I ended up throwing the batch out. A waste of time and money unfortunately, but you live and you learn! Maybe someone else can have better luck/like them more than I did:

Recipe: https://www.ohbiteit.com/2012/07/french-toast-dumplings-simmered-in-maple-syrup.html

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