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Creamy Chicken Pockets


What we got here are essentially homemade Hot Pockets. I was so down to make them.

Before making, I was taking a look over this post and saw a note at the bottom that the original poster now uses shredded chicken instead of diced. Then, I was talking to some coworkers at work and one said that shredding a rotisserie chicken is stupid easy.

And it was! I just got in there with my hands and went at it. The only tricky thing is that I didn’t quite know how much. I went with pretty much all of it minus a leg and a thigh (which I ate hah), and I learned that was a little bit too much. It made the chicken mixture not as creamy as I believe it should have been.

But. These are still pretty damn good. Something I did that I would recommend is getting the XL crescent rolls. It meant I could put a little more filling in, and still not worry as much about them exploding in the oven. I still had leftover chicken (I did use almost an entire rotisserie chicken) and I saved it and made a sandwich out of it the next day. It was kind of like a chicken salad type situation?

Anyway, this is a great easy recipe, would recommend for a potluck!

Recipe: https://www.seededatthetable.com/creamy-chicken-pockets-2/

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