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Southwestern Avocado and Black Bean Salad


So salads are pretty easy to put together, which is exciting. And this one sounded pretty good. Well, I thought the ingredients sounded good, don’t know how I felt about the dressing (cilantro, olive oil, lime juice, and hot sauce). Spoiler, it’s not bad. Not the best thing I’ve ever had, but also not bad. I had to guesstimate with some of the ingredients. Like corn. It says 2 cups of corn. That’s 16oz, and there’s 15oz in a can, so I figured I would be good. But it also called for 2 cans of black beans, which are also 15oz. So, I decided to play it by ear. In the end, I thought the 1 can of corn was sufficient, and I only used 1 can of black beans, which was honestly a little too much. So. Guess it depends on the individual person I guess. I also added more cheese than was called for (when have I not).

Overall, this wasn’t bad. I will say the combo of the black bean juice (even after draining), the cut tomatoes, the drained corn, and the dressing made this salad a little soggy. Didn’t hate it, but would probably make some adjustments if I wanted to make it in the future.

Recipe: http://www.pauladeen.com/southwestern-avocado-and-black-bean-salad


Homemade Chips with Avocado Ranch Dip


So, the most painstaking part of this whole thing is making the damn chips. The recipe recommended using a mandoline vegetable slicer thing, which I went to two different stores and couldn’t find. So. I very carefully hand sliced all of the potatoes.

It was a bitch.

After that, this recipe is super easy. The chips weren’t quite crispy enough for me after the recommended baking time, so I did an extra 10 minutes and they turned out great. I would also recommend a little more salt. But that may just be  personal preference.

The dip is super easy to make. It kind of reminds me of a french onion dip. However, I wish the avocado taste came through a little more. The greek yogurt kind of overpowers it.

But, the dip at least would be a great party contribution. And the chips? I’ll try again when I find one of those stupid slicers.



Avocado Chicken Salad


I know it doesn’t look super fancy, but damn is it good.

The recipe is a little different than normal. The author just has a list of ingredients and says that she used 2 pounds of chicken, 1 avocado, 3 green onions, and then just added everything else kind of randomly until it tasted good.

Me, being the person I am, I didn’t love the sound of that. But, I decided to give it a shot. I used a pound and a half of chicken (which was more than enough since it’s just me eating it), 2 avocados (because I’m obsessed with avocados), and 2 green onions (because I’m iffy on any type of onion) and then just went for it with everything else.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how much of each ingredient is in his because I just started throwing everything in there and taste testing it. I almost got full just from that!

But this is a super easy, customizable recipe. It’s pretty quick to make too. The longest part was cooking and shredding the chicken.

The recipe suggests serving with a pita or some chips. What I did was toast some bread and make a sandwich out of it. But I also threw on a piece of cheddar cheese. Because I will make any excuse to add cheese to a recipe.




Tortilla and Avocado Soup


I’ve only made soup one other time, and the broth was super thin, so I wanted to give it another shot.

This time the broth was still thin, but it actually worked for this particular recipe, you just boil chicken broth (I was a cup short so I threw in some vegetable stock which worked fine) and then throw some stuff in, boil again and ta-da.

For the stuff that goes in the broth, it said you can use either canned chile pepper or hot salsa. I went with the salsa. Mostly because the grocery store was closing in five minutes and I had never heard of canned chile before let alone knew where to find it in the store. Anyway, it definitely gave it a bit of a kick which was actually pretty good.

One tiny screw up. So you’re supposed to cut up a tortilla and toast them. Recipe says in a toaster oven. Don’t have one of those, and didn’t feel like pre-heating the oven, so I tried to just make them in a pan, which didn’t work. So I sighed loudly and put them on a cookie sheet and in the oven.

I go to check on them after like two minutes to see if its working and this cloud spills out of the oven, I think I burned them, but it smelled like cleaning solution. I ask what is going on and my mom says “oh I forgot to tell you that there is oven cleaner in there, it’s not time to wipe it out yet.”


After checking to make sure they weren’t contaminated, I said screw it and threw them in the soup without toasting them. I didn’t mind it, but it was the general consensus that they would taste better if they were crunchy. Again, in the words of my mother “just buy crispy tortilla strips”

As for the soup itself, I liked it. I kind of wanted to call it Mexican Chili, considering it ended up being more chunky ingredients than a soup normally is. But I would definitely make this again.



Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomato

This is a fun little appetizer thing that I thought I would give a try, considering it has three things I love (hummus, avocado and tomato).

And it was super easy, you toast the bread and cut it out with a circle cookie cutter or something. We have a measuring cup thing that makes a perfect circle so I used that.

Then you just layer everything on top. Easy right?

Well…you see how the title says roasted tomatoes? And do you also see how my tomatoes don’t look very roasted? Yeah…

So, I followed the directions for roasting the tomatoes exactly, but they turned out like this:

It was gross. I spent like 10 minutes cleaning that baking sheet.

The only thing that was different was the type of tomato. The recipe calls for plum tomatoes halved, but I already had a regular tomato lying around, so I used slices of that…I don’t know.

So I just cut up a new tomato and put that on top.

I would like to try this again, but actually get the plum tomatoes and see if that makes a difference. If anyone tries this and has better results, let me know!



Avocado Corn Dip

Admittedly, this looks like someone puked up their Chipotle.

But I promise you, this is really tasty. The combo of avocado, corn, brown sugar, hot sauce, lime juice, and spices is surprisingly awesome.

Also, this is the recipe halved. Think how much you could make with the full recipe!

My mom actually made a really cool suggestion with this. She put it on a wrap with some grilled chicken and she said it was awesome. So, this could be used as an avocado sandwich spread type thing as well.

It looks a little better close up right?

Anyway, give this one a shot, especially if you’re a big avocado fan like me.



(Note: This site also has a recipe for homemade tortilla chips. I didn’t do that, but if you do, let me know how they turned out!)

Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa Stuffed Puff Pastries

I’ve never used puff pastry before, so this was an experiment. I also didn’t know if those particular things (avocado, cream cheese, and salsa) would taste good together. But I decided, eh, fuck it let’s do this.

So. everything was going well, until I was informed that our rolling pin had broke. I had to improvise.

It worked well enough.

So. I did one of two things wrong. I either rolled the pastry out too big or I didn’t put enough filling in the middle. I’m leaning more towards the second one. But one of those reasons is why there is so much excess pastry around the filling (you can see it in the first picture). Something my mom suggested was maybe putting a smaller square of pastry in a muffin tin and do it that way? Which I think could actually work.

As for the three things tasting good together? They totally do.

But I think if I make them the muffin tin way, they could make cute little hors d’oeuvres or something. (and yeah I totally looked up how to spell that.)



Spanglish Sandwich

So, did you guys ever see the movie Spanglish? I don’t remember much, except Adam Sandler sleeping with the nanny, and this sandwich. I remember reading that an actual chef made up the sandwich for the movie and called it the best sandwich in the world or something. It’s essentially a fancy BLT, so it’s not hard to make obviously. But, it does taste really good. The thing that does it is the fried egg. So. Good. Then, the recipe suggests adding avocado to be extra fancy, and since I love avocado, I was like hell yeah. Also, avocado is actually less expensive than lettuce…which is weird, but true. So I just used the avocado as a replacement for the lettuce.

The yellow stuff on the plate is egg yolk. Don’t panic. But yeah, as you can  see this is basically a sandwich piled with tons of good stuff. So. Go make this.



Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch

So, Charlie and Gaby came over last night, we hung out for a bit, (read drank, read cosmo, and watched Bravo), and at about two in the morning that it would be a great idea to do My Drunk Kitchen. For those that don’t know this lovely internet fad, basically you drink, make a recipe while continuing to drink, and film it all. Well, we did, and there is a hour and twenty two minute video on my computer documenting it all. Maybe if I’m procrastinating for something I’ll edit it and throw it on here someday haha

But anyway, so basically this is my second try at making something using wonton wrappers, and I think it went even better this time. Also, it helped that Charlie knew how to roll them mini burrito style so that all the filling wouldn’t fall out. As you can see from the picture, there is a giant ravioli one, which Gaby made haha.

So the filling for the egg rolls was pretty easy. We just didn’t have any spinach or chiles, and it was 3 AM and we were in no place to drive, so we just omitted those from the recipe haha. Also, when it came to spices, we added black pepper on top of the ones in the recipe.

Now, for the dipping sauce, that was also super easy to make. My only question: there is not a single bit of ranch in the sauce. Why call it avocado ranch? It’s misleading haha. Anyway, we make it, and at this point my sister was in the kitchen, and she suggested adding a little bit of garlic salt. We did that, and it actually made it taste even better, so that was exciting.

So, the egg rolls came out of the oven, and we all thought they were really good, a little spicy but not too spicy. But, what made it was the dipping sauce, the two of them together were delicious!



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