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Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies


I have a lot of feelings about red velvet. Like that time I learned that it’s a lie. Red velvet = red food coloring. A lot of red food coloring. That costs money. Just to change the color of something.

So, I was going to just make regular cheesecake brownies, but then I noticed that I actually had most of a little bottle of red food coloring already in the pantry. So I said why the hell not.

I needed one tbsp of it, which I remembered as I was measuring it out. Which is one of those little bottles. I didn’t quite have enough, so these turned out a little more like maroon velvet brownies.

The brownies are from scratch, which is fun. The recipe says that they’re going to be thick, but I thought maybe almost a little too much? It weighed down the cheesecake layer, which is the best part.

As you can see, I almost got the swirling thing down right. I had just a little too much of the red velvet mixture and it got everywhere.

Anyway, I would make these again, but I probably would just make normal, non red velvet ones.


Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies


Slutty Brownies

Yup. I made these purely for the name. They tasted pretty good too haha.

Essentially, these are a three layer brownie, with cookie on the bottom, oreo in the middle, and brownie on top.

See? 😀

So, these were pretty easy to make. Now, I didn’t have a 9×9 pan, so I used something that was a little bigger, which made the cookie layer a little thinner than I wanted it. Also, while this cookie recipe was pretty good, I’ve had better, so I would probably substitute a different one. This recipe also has a brownies from scratch recipe. Yeah, I used the box mix. Which made the brownie layer a little thicker than I wanted it, and coincidentally took like 45 minutes to bake. Because the layers were uneven, the cookies were completely done, but the brownies were still a little underdone.

They still were pretty good though, everyone that happened to be at the house last night liked them!



Cookie Dough Brownies

So, this recipe basically consists of two parts. Brownie and eggless cookie dough on top.

I made a poor college girl adjustment to this recipe. Now, I love making things from scratch as much as the next person, but making brownies from scratch is expensive. Baking chocolate alone is almost five bucks. So, I said forget that and grabbed the two dollar box brownies mix. And it still tastes just as good.

The cookie dough part is really good, except it was a little sticky, so I had some difficulty spreading it over the brownie layer, but it worked out pretty well in the end.



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