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Cream Cheese Nacho Dip


So, I’ve been INSANELY busy lately. It was to the point where all I had in my fridge was some butter, jelly, a yogurt, and coffee creamer.

Not exaggerating in the slightest.

I finally had two nights off in a row, so I used the first night to catch up on stuff, and the second to go grocery shopping and make this!

Also, my roommate got fired from his crappy temp job, (his boss had a serious vendetta against him) so when he came home, I said that this was his “sorry you got fired dip”

It was very easy to make, just layering. I do wish the cream cheese and sour cream could have combined a tad easier, but I was hand mixing and was too lazy to plug in the electric mixer. Oops. It also took a little longer than the recommended 30 minutes for it to really set.

But, the roommates all liked it! They liked how easily customizable it is. They noted this would be really good with some chicken and jalepenos. Maybe next time!




Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa Stuffed Puff Pastries

I’ve never used puff pastry before, so this was an experiment. I also didn’t know if those particular things (avocado, cream cheese, and salsa) would taste good together. But I decided, eh, fuck it let’s do this.

So. everything was going well, until I was informed that our rolling pin had broke. I had to improvise.

It worked well enough.

So. I did one of two things wrong. I either rolled the pastry out too big or I didn’t put enough filling in the middle. I’m leaning more towards the second one. But one of those reasons is why there is so much excess pastry around the filling (you can see it in the first picture). Something my mom suggested was maybe putting a smaller square of pastry in a muffin tin and do it that way? Which I think could actually work.

As for the three things tasting good together? They totally do.

But I think if I make them the muffin tin way, they could make cute little hors d’oeuvres or something. (and yeah I totally looked up how to spell that.)



Artichoke Bread

So, my mom, one of my sisters, and I are trying this military diet thing going around the internet. It’s only three days, the food isn’t terrible, so we figured why not. And so last night we had Chipotle and I made this haha

The dip mixture in the middle was pretty simple, but I recommend maybe heating the cream cheese or doing something to it so that it combines a little easier with everything else. Also, they didn’t have full jars of artichoke hearts, they only had half jars, so I just used the one half jar, and while I wish there would have been more artichoke hearts in it, it was still pretty good.

As for the bread, you have to hollow it out enough so that there is room for the dip, but not so much that it leaks out the bottom. I hollowed out the sides pretty well, but I wish I would have done just a little more out of the bottom, but that might just be personal preference.

So, that’s that! We’ll see how this whole diet thing goes though…



Cinnamon French Toast Bake

Last night, we had some people over for an Easter potluck dinner, and this was my contribution to it!

It was actually pretty easy to make, mostly a lot of mixing things and putting them in the pan. Now, for the heavy whipping cream I substituted it with half the recipe amount of cream cheese. (So 1/2 cup of HWC, 1/4 cup of cream cheese). Mostly because heavy whipping cream is fattening and expensive, and I found this substitute online. Now, it worked fine. But, I forgot to soften the cream cheese before adding it to the mix, so no matter how much I mixed, whisked, and stirred, there were tiny little bits of cream cheese floating around. Which was fine, it didn’t really affect anything.

When all was said and done though, I thought it was pretty good! Everyone else seemed to like them as well. I would dip it in maple syrup or put extra on it or something in order to give it a little something extra. Also, random clumsiness, I was drizzling on the icing, and my hand slipped, hence the mini-lake on the right side haha



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