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Cream Cheese Nacho Dip


So, I’ve been INSANELY busy lately. It was to the point where all I had in my fridge was some butter, jelly, a yogurt, and coffee creamer.

Not exaggerating in the slightest.

I finally had two nights off in a row, so I used the first night to catch up on stuff, and the second to go grocery shopping and make this!

Also, my roommate got fired from his crappy temp job, (his boss had a serious vendetta against him) so when he came home, I said that this was his “sorry you got fired dip”

It was very easy to make, just layering. I do wish the cream cheese and sour cream could have combined a tad easier, but I was hand mixing and was too lazy to plug in the electric mixer. Oops. It also took a little longer than the recommended 30 minutes for it to really set.

But, the roommates all liked it! They liked how easily customizable it is. They noted this would be really good with some chicken and jalepenos. Maybe next time!




Avocado Corn Dip

Admittedly, this looks like someone puked up their Chipotle.

But I promise you, this is really tasty. The combo of avocado, corn, brown sugar, hot sauce, lime juice, and spices is surprisingly awesome.

Also, this is the recipe halved. Think how much you could make with the full recipe!

My mom actually made a really cool suggestion with this. She put it on a wrap with some grilled chicken and she said it was awesome. So, this could be used as an avocado sandwich spread type thing as well.

It looks a little better close up right?

Anyway, give this one a shot, especially if you’re a big avocado fan like me.



(Note: This site also has a recipe for homemade tortilla chips. I didn’t do that, but if you do, let me know how they turned out!)

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