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Meatloaf Muffins with Barbecue Sauce


I wish I had a food processor.

One of the first instructions of this is to put some vegetables in a food processor to finely chop them.

I thought, I’ll use my big knife and my pastry cutter. It’ll go great.

It did not.

Firstly, the onion I got somehow managed to be the most potent thing on the planet. My eyes were not tearing up, they were literally streaming. It was insane.

Then, putting the onion, bell pepper, and celery together was a hot holy mess. The pastry cutter did nothing, especially to the bell pepper. So I dumped it all out and tried to dice it all on a cutting board. Also a mess. So I gave up and dumped it in.

The rest of the recipe is pretty straightforward, and the end result is quite good, mine just had very chunky vegetables in it, which I could have done without.

As for the sauce, the combo of barbecue sauce, salsa, and worcestershire was good, but not mind blowing or revolutionary, I would save the money and time and just use the barbecue sauce by itself next time.

The recipe link suggest serving with mashed potatoes and green beans, and has additional recipes for both. I made my *classic* microwave mashed potatoes and called it a day.



Pizza Muffins


Last night, my roommates and I hosted an “Apps and ‘Sserts” NYE Party. For those of you who are Parks and Rec fans, you hopefully get the reference. But basically, we had a little potluck where everyone brought wither an appetizer or a dessert to share, so this was my contribution.

I didn’t find any cubed pepperoni at the store, so I just got the little guys and tore them into fourths, so that seemed like it worked. The original poster also suggested adding salt and red pepper flakes, which I did.

Side story: I was mixing everything together, and was curious as to what the batter tasted like. Turns out I didn’t mix well enough, and just got a nice old hunk of red pepper flakes. That was a fun 5 minutes of my life.

Anyway. This is a really simple one if you’re looking for something in a pinch. It’s a “throw everything into a bowl, mix it, and then throw in the oven” type of recipe. I don’t have a mini muffin pan, which is what’s suggested, so I used a normal sized one, which made 10 pizza muffins. I wish I had a mini muffin pan, ¬†because those 10 were gone within a half hour. Not everyone had even arrived yet, and they were gone. So, that’s a testament to how good they were. I just wish I had made more!

Recipe: http://lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com/2010/07/annoying-habits.html

Blueberry Doughnut Muffins


All three of my roommates asked me the same question: “So, what makes it a doughnut muffin?” And I don’t even know if I one hundred percent know the answer. My guess is the consistency of the muffin itself, it’s a little cakier. But, they’re also delicious, so does it really matter?

Right out the gate, getting the ingredients was an adventure for this one. I went to the store, got everything, and when I got home, realized I forgot to get the lemons. I have no idea why that escaped my mind. So, I had dinner plans with some friends that night, and on the way home, I went back to the grocery store. I couldn’t find the damn lemons. I don’t know if they were moved or gone or what. So I grabbed some lemon juice. By the time I got home, I looked at the clock and saw that it was just too late to make anything. So I went to bed. The next day, I get up and when I went to fridge to have cereal for breakfast, and find out that my milk expired a day before the expiration date. I need a cup of milk for this recipe. So, I went to the gym and stopped at the grocery store yet again for some milk, and guess what I found? Lemons! So, I got my lemons and milk and finally head home to make this recipe. Told you it was an adventure.

And the funny thing is, the recipe itself is pretty simple and straightforward. You measure the things, combine the things, mix the things, put them in the oven. Although when the recipe says that you’ll fill the muffin pan up to the top, she wasn’t kidding. These guys were huge. And it ended up taking about 20 minutes to bake properly, rather than the given 15-17.

But yeah. From there, the glaze is pretty simple. I also recommend double dipping them, as the original post does. Thank god they taste so good, or all that running around would have been for nothing.


Blueberry Doughnut Muffins

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I’ll admit, Lemon Poppyseed isn’t my go to muffin flavor, I’m a blueberry person myself. But, I do enjoy lemon poppyseed and this looked like a good recipe, so I decided to go for it. And it was a pretty good recipe.

Confession: Normally when a recipe calls for lemon zest, I don’t do it. I think it’s a waste of a lemon if the juice of the whole lemon isn’t being used in a recipe, so I just replace it with 2 tbsps of lemon juice, always works for me.

But this time, the recipe says zest and juice of a lemon, so I decide to go for it and see if it really makes a difference. I will say I don’t love the texture if gave the batter. Because another confession: I always “test” batter. AKA eat it. And the texture was weird. And honestly? I don’t think it added anything more than if I just did more lemon juice. So. That was my experiment with this one.

Also, remember that time I said I would always check for muffin tin liners?

Yeah. Forgot to check. So, I sprayed the shit out of the muffin pan and it actually worked, shockingly.

But yeah, this is a solid recipe. They taste great out of the oven, but they stale pretty quickly, so eat them quickly!



Glazed Doughnut Muffins

When I first read this recipe, I was like; that doesn’t make sense, wouldn’t that turn out more like a cupcake? Yeah, I was wrong. These come out tasting like a spice muffin, considering the two main flavors in the batter are cinnamon and nutmeg, and it’s the icing/glaze that gives it the doughnut type taste.

As for the icing, it recommends dipping them twice. I did that and then drizzled the rest on top of them. So yeah, there was lots of that stuff going on.

So, give this recipe a shot, it’s really good, and goes great with coffee!



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