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Fresh Strawberry Upside Down Cake


I have a week off in between closing one show and starting another, so of course I was going to take that opportunity to make something!

This seemed easy enough, just layering ingredients together. Crushing strawberries was an interesting experience. Maybe I didn’t crush them enough, because the amount of strawberries I had was not enough to cover a 9×13 pan. I had a slightly smaller one on hand so I used that one instead, and that was still a little bit of a stretch to get them to cover the whole pan.

After that, it was really simple. Sprinkle the jello, layer some marshmallows, pour the cake batter over the whole thing, ta da.

Now. I’ve never made upside down cake before. So I was terrified of flipping this over. My roommates were excited regardless-either they got cake or they got to watch a cooking fail.

Luckily, it all worked out! Once I cut off a piece, I was surprised to see that the jello and marshmallow baked into the cake. It makes the cake super moist and soft.

So, definitely give this one a shot!

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/188567/fresh-strawberry-upside-down-cake/?evt19=1


Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes


So, this was a pretty straightforward recipe. Not too difficult, but also not the best one I’ve ever had. I know it was going to a shortcake type cake, but I found the cake to be a little bland. The frosting was also a little thinner than I would have liked it to be. Strawberry jam being the main flavor component didn’t help a lot.

But. It sounds like I’m knocking this cupcake. I’m just being nitpicky, It’s a really good cupcake. But, maybe there’s some modifications or something to make it even better?



Strawberry Cake

I know, it looks super messy. But it tastes really good.

I probably kind of sort of didn’t do everything perfectly, but oh well.

For example, your supposed to whip some heavy whipping cream in a chilled bowl until peaks form. Well. First I had way less whipping cream than I thought. (Only had ¼ c when I needed ¾…) So I found this milk/cornstarch substitute online, did ½ c of that with the ¼. By then the bowl wasn’t as chilled, and then I got impatient….so long story short, the frosting was way runnier than it needed to be. (as seen above) But it still tasted really good, which is the important part.

So, I also didn’t have the recommended 9 inch round pans. So, I just made one big sheet cake thing. The problem with that was getting it out of the pan in one piece.

Exhibit A:

It wasn’t sticking to the pan or anything, it was just a bigger cake and gravity is a douche.

So, I just kind of shoved the two sides together and started frosting the thing. I still cut the two halves to make it a two layer cake instead of a four layer. And like I said, the frosting was a little runny, so I was just spooning the shit on.

But, in the end, this was really good. I brought it to a little gathering at a friend’s place last night and they ate almost the entire thing!

I would like to try this one again, but actually buy the round pans and try to make it four layers.




Strawberry Shortcake Cookies


So a little bit ago, I made Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies (https://jeleff2014.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/strawberry-cheesecake-cookies/)

And they turned out pretty good. I think I almost like this recipe better. They’re very similar, and actually have almost the exact same texture, but I liked the flavors a little more in this recipe. It’s also a pretty simple recipe. It calls for a pastry cutter at one point and says to cut butter into the flour mixture. Honestly, I had no idea what that last sentence meant. It also said you could use your hands. So I did that.

But these were definitely a hit. I had some people over the other night and the entire plate was gone by the end of it!



Strawberry Mango Salsa


We all know that my last attempt at a fruit salsa was kind of a hot soupy mess.

(See https://jeleff2014.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/fruit-salsa-with-baked-cinnamon-chips/)

But this time it turned out better!

It’s also a simpler recipe with less ingredients to get smushed together. I decided to go with the cinnamon pita chips to eat with the salsa. Which, I could have made my own, and I’ve done in the past, but Stacy’s makes really good ones sooooo.

Although, I had no idea cutting up a mango was such a bitch to do. Holy crap. I just started cutting it, not realizing what I was doing wrong, and then I looked up some videos on Youtube. Oops. So, by the end it looked like a mango massacre.

Whatever, can’t tell with the end result!

I’m going to the beach today with some friends and can’t wait to bring this along!



Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies


I closed a show recently, and I brought these to our final night, and they were a hit! They’re fairly easy to make, and the fresh strawberries really make a difference.

I will say though, they have an interesting texture. They never fully harden, like a normal cookie. It’s probably because of the cream cheese in the recipe. A fun tip is to put them in the fridge and then eat one, so good!

But give this one a shot if you’re looking for something a little different that’s still pretty easy to make.



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